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I offer mediation, translation and interpretation services as well as help with all formal and practical aspects of buying and renting real estate in Italy.

I have been living in Italy in the city of Trieste since 2017 and i help foreigners with the realization of their dream of having a summer house by the sea.

I provide services in English and German as well.

The process of buying a property in Italy

1. What does the process of buying real estate in Italy involve?
2. What is the property tax when buying a Prima Casa and when buying a Seconda Casa?
3. How does the notary procedure proceed?

1. The price of the property and the list of those interested in the property

The seller sets the initial price of the property. If there are more interested parties, the price offer can be accepted or possibly increased. After the proposal of the price offer for the given property, the interested party will be included in the List of Interested Parties, which is kept by the real estate agency. The list of interested parties is compiled chronologically according to the date of submission of the price offer. After the price offer is approved by the seller / whether the interested party is one or several /, the future owner deposits a deposit and the purchase-sale process proceeds to the notary office.

2. Prima Casa/ Seconda Casa real estate registration tax

There are two types of registration tax in Italy. If you are buying a property/Prima Casa and decide to have a permanent residence in Italy, you are required to pay 2% of the property's cadastral value (the price is calculated from the property's cadastral value, which is lower than the market price/m2).

If you decide to use the property as a summer house and do not change your permanent residence to it, the property is classified as Seconda Casa and you are required to pay 9% of the cadastral value of the property (the price is calculated from the cadastral value of the property, which is lower than the market price/ m2)

3. Course of the Notary Act

According to Italian legislation, the notary is responsible for issuing the sales contract. He guarantees the truth and validity of all documents related to the property and the persons present. The foreign buyer is legally obliged to have the contract translated into the language he/she knows (unless he/she knows Italian). During the notarial procedure the presence of a bilingual witness, who testifies to the truth of the translation and the interpreted word, is mandatory. At the moment of signing the contract by all parties and entities present, the contract becomes legally valid. The notarial procedure lasts approximately 2 hours and is conducted bilingually.

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