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Mediation in the purchase of real estate in Italy

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Interpreting, translation and business communication, In Italy and abroad.
Translation of contracts, assistance in completing foreign documents, interpreting for personal purposes or business meetings.

What's my story

My services for business clients have begun in Trieste (2020)
Based on the history of this port city, where international trade has always had a fundamental role, I offer the opportunity to communicate and trade internationally.

From Trieste to Tokio

Translation, interpretation and  

business communication, is available in Italian, German, English and Slovak language for corporate and private purposes. It is possible to book me locally and internationally. 

The most requested services



Real estate and legislative obligation in Italy

Trade and collaboration abroad 

In case of any requirements or questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Since 2020 I have been offering interpreting services for various assignments in Italy and Slovakia.

Industry expert - we will professionally address your project issues together, and I will suggest an appropriate procedure.
Long or short-term projects - reliability and efficiency
Rely on quality control- double check and precision
Guaranteed quality – you can also find me in the list of translators of the Slovak Embassy in Rome 
Discretion and code of ethics - in meetings is necessary to react and behave adequately. The translator's obligation of confidentiality is declared and signed in each contract

You can find me on the list of translators at the Slovak Embassy in Rome